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Drying in the Rain

With an incubation period of 7 years ‘Drying in the Rain’ features a male figure standing alone in a woodland meadow drying himself in the rain. The film explores the notion that there is no perfection in anything; that, even though the world, our lives and hearts are flawed, does not mean that we are excused from rejoicing.

Directed and filmed by Eugene O Connor, Music by Dave Keary, Edited by Ben Milling & Paddy O Shea, stills by Jamie Tanner

Fallen Angels

A match is lit, a leap of faith, a physical step, deliberate!

Smoke rises slowly, intoxicating and unholy, the angel begins to almost breathe fire as it looks peacefully at us, accepting its fate. We are helpless. The angel is being burned. Our faith is questioned.Is this a vision of hell or the beginning of a new life?

A lonely beach, the ocean takes the angel, breaking it like a shipwreck.It comes apart and floats out to sea and is washed up on the beach.Is this a hellish act of destruction or is it a heavenly cleansing? Earlier in the film we have become acquainted with these beautiful creatures, their faces so innocent and calming.

We have felt their loss, sad to lose them, but are left with a feeling of hope and comfort.

DVD/ Colour/ 9 mins 26 secs

Shoot: Chris Reina, Edited: Chris Hurley, Music: Nico Brown

Screened: Ireland, London, New York and Cannes Film Festival


Maurice began by asking women for a pair of knickers for an installation. After a press frenzy on the project, Maurice received knickers from women in USA, Canada, Australia, UK and all over Ireland.

The project was envisaged as a giant washing line over the Ha’penny Bridge in Dublin connecting North and South. The Dublin Public Works refused permission for the work stating it would have a negative effect. A selection of the work was exhibited in Clare-Morris Open

Submission. Materials: knickers, letters, photos and drawings
Size: variable


Collaboration with Nico Brown

“In the event of my death i would like the world cremated and its ashes scattered over me” An installation based on the words of Nico Brown after working together over a year.

Materials used included: human hair, wood, concrete, television, photography, letter magnets, lipstick, toys, signage, leaves and a whole lot of fun.


A pseudonym created by the artist and exhibited under the name of Dalton Moore. The work is dark.

I worship all that is black, to be alive’s a shock, like listening to an angel or a fairy singing in a rock” Michael McClure

Materials are charcoal, pencil, ink, pastel, paint – all black on paper and canvas.

Dimensions: various


Maurice has been creating line drawings now for the past 2 decades. There are thousands of these images, largely figurative.


The artist and friends kissed pieces of paper and planted these kisses along with camomile. The work slowly grows over time…..

Materials: plastic, soil, camomile, wire, kissed paper,


Dimensions: variable.


We are taken on a winter’s journey with these Little men.

Slide Projection with music by Nico Brown