Curated exhibitions

Wisdom by Andrew Zuckerman
Siamsa Gallery
March 2010

LILA: Activities of God
Sarah Maple, Marysa Dowling & Amanda Coogan
Sept 2009

7 years 7 days
Kieran Herlihy 7 day installation in Siamsa Gallery
April 2009

In Pursuit 4
In association with Siamsa Gallery, Cork Film Centre & Dingle Film Festival.
Sept 2008

In Pursuit 3
Virtual exhibition
May 2008

In Pursuit 2
Siamsa Gallery, Co. Kerry
Sept 2007

In Pursuit
Siamsa Gallery, Co. Kerry
April 2007

Scóip Gimme Shelter

Siamsa Gallery, Co.Kerry
Artists included Pauline Bewick, Philip King


Pauline Bewick: Yellow Man
Grey Man
Feature documentary

Drying in the Rain
5mins 47sec
May 2010

7 years 7 days
April 2009

4mins 47secs
Sept 2008

The Tot Stays in the Picture
1min 20 sec
Jan 2007

Fallen Angels
9mins 26 secs
Dec 2003

Screenings: New York Independant Film Festival 2004; Cannes Film Festival Market 2004; Kerry, Siamsa Gallery 2005; London Exhibition Visions of Heaven & Hell 2006; In Pursuit 3 2008; Dingle Film Festival 2008; An Gailearaí, An Fál Carrach 2010; Xuhui Arts Museum, Shanghai, 2010; Culture Night Dingle 2010; Dingle Film Festival 2011

We’ll Always Have Dingle 2010
A feature documentary film on Maurice, directed by Grammy Award winning director, Geoff Wonfor (Beatles Anthology). With appearances by: Cillian Murphy, Stephen Frears, Jools Hollond, Mary Coughlan and Maureen O Hara.


Culture Night, Street Projections, Dingle 2011
DIFF 2011
Culture Night, Street Projections, Dingle 2010
An Gailearaí, An Fál Carrach 2010
Drying in the Rain Xuhui Arts Museum, Shanghai, China 2010
Drying in the Rain An Gailearaí, Falcarragh, Co. Donegal 2010
Visions of Heaven & Hell, London 2006
Sc—ip, Gimmie Shelter, Kerry 2005
Fallen Angels, New York, Cannes, Kerry 2004
Dalton Moore, Sc—ip open Submission 1998
Labelled:Art or French with Nico Brown 1998
Preceint, Palace Studios, Dublin, 1999
Clare Morris Open Submission 1999
Seeing with Sound, Siamsa T’re Kerry 1994
Killkenney Arts Festival 1993
Arnotts Dublin 1993
Vibrational Arts, Siamsa T’re, Kerry 1992
Basement Gallery Dublin 1992
Irish Artist Trust Dublin 1991